Al-Ghazali Youth Club

The Al-Ghazali youth club (AYC) provides a safe environment for teenagers to spend time together and play their favourite games, relax and make friends.

Ages range from 12-18 years and sessions run five times a week with a fully equip youth centre with pool tables, table tennis, Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4 on 50 inch TV’s as well as a Chill zone with cards and board games and main hall for badminton, football and karate sessions . 

Our youth workers are trained and experienced from the local community. There are opportunities for volunteering at the club with many benefits including training, courses and potential paid work.

Sessions days and times

Monday           5 - 7 pm

Tuesday          5 - 8 pm

Wednesday     5 - 8 pm

Thursday         5 - 8 pm

Saturday          6 - 8 pm


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Al-Ghazali Centre Youth Club - UPDATE

Due to the Coronavirus out break the Al-Ghazali Youth Club has suspended all onsite and off-site activities to ensure the safety of our members and our staff.

However we continue to work with the community and our members through our website and our social media portals through the delivery of a variety of online activities everyone can take part in and benefit from.

Activities available:

• Console Competitions
• Tik Tok videos
• Safety Awareness information videos during Coronavirus
• Daily Challenges
• Islamic Daily reminders
• Fitness videos
• Karate lesson videos
• Kata and Kumite

Don’t miss out, connect with us from:

Twitter: @AlGhazaliCentre

Instagram: al_ghazali_centre

Facebook: Al-Ghazali Centre

Youtube: Al-Ghazali Multicultural Centre


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