Al-Ghazali Supplemntary school- update

Thanks to those who have donated generously so far to our fundraising request to get the centre ready to deliver our classes.

We have raised so far a total of £4,368 (£900 cash and £3,468 bank transfers). This is an amazing amount that we are very grateful for.

We still need your support to reach our target of £15,202 for our classrooms to be fully functioning.

We kindly ask you all to continue donating as much as possible and help us reach our target in any of the following ways:

1. Cash payments at the centre

2. Bank transfer: HSBC Acc No: 12847035 Sort code: 40/29/08 Ref: donation and your name

3. You can buy the items yourself but contact us to give you the specifications and suppliers to ensure all items are the same in all classrooms.



22-04-2021 23:29




22-04-2021 23:29



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