"Al-Ghazali Multicultural Centre is a community centre that responds to the needs of the diverse local community through the delivery of various projects and activities which promote inclusion and cohesion."

Youth Club

Al-Ghazali Boys Youth Club

The Al-Ghazali youth club also known as the AYC is a local youth centre in Wavertree. It is a one of the many projects the Al-Ghazali centre runs. Age ranges from 13-19 years both male and female. Our clubs are very popular, male sessions run 3 times a week and has attracted over 100 members. Our newly set up female session runs once a week and has attracted over 50 members.

We provide a safe environment for teenagers to play their favourite games and to relax and chat with friends. We offer weekly football sessions with Everton in the community for ages 12-16yrs. Our in club facilities are pool tables, table tennis table, air hockey table. Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4 on 50 inch TV’s. Chill zone with cards and board games. Main hall for badminton, football and karate sessions.


We have also partnered with the Firefit hub to use the football pitches and female only sessions on a Sunday. This allows any women who want to train in a female only environment the opportunity to do so for a reasonable fee. Activities include Zumba, Fight Fit and ladies only gym.

Our youth workers are from the surrounding community and understand the environment they are dealing with. They are trained and professional and have the ability to engage with all the users. There are opportunities for volunteering at the club with many benefits including training, courses and potential paid work.

Day and Time of Session: 


Boys Youth Club (AYC)     5-8pm

Boys Youth Club (AYC)     5-8pm


Al-Ghazali Girls Youth Club

The Al-Ghazali Centre runs a girls only youth club once a week. It is a great place to meet new friends in a safe and friendly environment. So if you would like to come down and play Pool, Wii, Air Hockey, Table Tennis and other activities or just relax and speak to our friendly staff. Once you become a regular member, you can participate in outside activities such as Go Karting, Paintballing and many more.

Please Note: Al-Ghazali Youth Club (A.Y.C) requires that you be between the ages of 11 and 17 years.