"Al-Ghazali Multicultural Centre is a community centre that responds to the needs of the diverse local community through the delivery of various projects and activities which promote inclusion and cohesion."

Supplementary School Teacher – Job Application Form

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  • I understand that any appointment, if offered, will be subject to CRB disclosure, suitable references and the information given on this form being correct. Al-Ghazali Centre and Al-Ghazali Youth Club are committed to creating a safe and friendly environment at all times preventing harm and reserve the right to carry out regular and appropriate checks on ALL staff and volunteers.

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Teachers are required to facilitate Al-Ghazali Supplementary Education program. The school operates of a weekend and delivers classes in Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and Qur’an to children & young people, male & female of ages 6 – 11 years from the diverse Muslim community of Liverpool. The programme is looking for Teachers who are suitably skilled and experienced in teaching within an educational setting and who will work towards the overall vision of Al-Ghazali Centre. Teachers will join a wider team of committed professionals who are managing and delivering a range of services and projects to the wider Muslim community.

Responsibility & Duties

  • Facilitate Educational Sessions in Arabic Language, Islamic Studies & Qur’an in accordance with the set curriculum and syllabus.
  • To teach in such a way placing particular emphasis on cultivating Islamic attitudes, and the implications of tawhid in our lives and human relations.
  • Teachers should try and use different teaching methods such as: Presentations, Discussions, Questions & Answer sessions and also to use alternative mediums such as Video and DVD to generate discussion and stimulate thinking.
  • To deliver the sessions in a creative and interesting way always evaluating style & technique, and with support of the school manager.
  • To encourage activities that add variety to the school’s curriculum such as organising Art & Writing competitions, Plays & Nasheeds.
  • To support in the school presentations, camps and trips for both classes and the school.
  • Maintain regular and accurate records of each pupil’s progress using existing systems.
  • Ensure all the necessary paperwork is completed and updated for each session.
  • Complete the necessary Monitoring / Evaluation required.
  • All teachers MUST arrive at least 15 minutes before the school sessions begin to prepare the classroom and complete all photocopying ensuring all work is ready.
  • To adhere to the policies put in place by Al Ghazali Centre.
  • All teachers are responsible for their classes and to act as Form Tutors.
  • To take responsibility and supervise for each class at break & lunch times and to manage the class for Salah and at the end of school, maintaining order and ensuring good behaviour.
  • Teachers are responsible for ensuring their classrooms are clean and tidy before leaving the class.
  • All staff must be committed to working towards realising the importance of the aims & objectives of the school.
  • Teachers must attend compulsory training, staff meetings and parent’s evenings.
  • All staff are to act as role models for the children and young people who are members of the organisation.
  • Any other duties as set out between Teacher & manager.

Person Specification

  • A relevant qualification is required for all Teachers / Facilitators. Minimum requirement is A Level (or equivalent) and desirable to have a relevant Degree of equivalent & preferably qualifications in Training ie: QTS, PGCE.
  • Working with children & young people in a group and 1 to 1 setting in an educational environment.
  • Facilitating / Teaching in a variety of settings.
  • Creative and imaginative in designing lesson plans.
  • Working with young people who experience disadvantage and are from marginalised communities.
  • Working with the diverse Muslim Community in a variety of settings.
  • Planning, Preparing and Delivering educational settings.
  • Teaching Arabic, Islamic Studies and Quran to children & young people.
  • Bi Lingual – English (Essential) and Arabic / Somali.
  • Ability to design and deliver development programs with and for young people.
  • Ability to plan, record and evaluate work delivered.
  • To create and maintain an Islamic Environment at all times.
  • Excellent communication skills both one to one and in a group.
  • Ability to counsel / Advise / Guide and Support young people.
  • Good organisation skills, time management and report writing.
  • Excellent team player.
  • Essential knowledge for Subject Area ie: Arabic / Islamic Studies / Qu’ranic Sciences.
  • A knowledge of current issues and legislation affecting young people.
  • An understanding of Health & Safety issues and practices.
  • Child Protection issues preferably with training.
  • The willingness to attend compulsory training both internal and external.
  • An understanding and personal commitment to the goals and values of Al Ghazali.