"Al-Ghazali Multicultural Centre is a community centre that responds to the needs of the diverse local community through the delivery of various projects and activities which promote inclusion and cohesion."

Supplementary School Policy


1). To create an atmosphere in which learning and teaching can proceed satisfactory and efficiently through a positive attitude of praise and encouragement.
2). To foster self discipline and encourage each individual child to modify their behaviour so they can co-operate with others, develop friendliness and relationships, and respect for themselves and others, regardless of race, class, gender, age or need.

Achieving Good Behaviour

Good behaviour does not happen by accident. It is the responsibility of all those involved in the school.

Responsibility of pupils

Pupils are expected to follow the general rules in the school, their own class rules & follow the code of conduct at all times.

Responsibility of parents

Parents have a key role in ensuring that their child is successful and happy in school.
This means: –

1). Supporting the School Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy
2). Sharing concerns about their child’s education, welfare and behaviour within the school
3). Taking an active interest in their child’s education and achievements
4). Being willing to help children at home with their work
5). Attending school functions and activities
6). Informing the school of any changes and attendance i.e. absences due to illness, asking permission for appointments and holidays
7). Ensuring their child arrives at school and is collected from school on time
8). Any pupil arriving late (on or after 10:20am Morning Session or on or after 2:20pm Afternoon Session) will not be allowed to go in to the class for the remainder of the first lesson. They will have to wait in the office until the second lesson.

Teachers will encourage children to play safely and co-operate with each other.

Children are not allowed to play in certain areas for safety reasons.

1). Around doors and outside the school (on the road)
2). In the toilets
3). Near the sports equipment
4). Rough or pretend fighting
5). Fighting is prohibited at all times

Reward systems promoting good behaviour and achievement.

Children will be praised for good behaviour, thoughtfulness, courtesy, good work and progress by: –

1). Verbal praise
2). Special sign e.g. smile, nod etc
3). Written comments, stickers or stamps generally
4). Certificate for excellence in work or behaviour
5). Good work to be mentioned in assembly for congratulations from the whole school
6). Individual systems of reward in each class
7). Children’s work on display
8). Parent evenings

Sanctions for discouraging inappropriate behaviour

We aim to: –

1). Encourage good behaviour at all times
2). Remind pupils of rules and expectations
3). Restitution will be fair and punishments will fit the crime e.g. cleaning up scribbles on the desk

Misbehaviour will be dealt with in the following way: –

1). Verbal/Written warning to child
2). Separation from other children
3). Loss of playtime
4). Sent to head teacher and parents informed
5). Meeting between head teacher and parent to discuss the situation
6). Individual programme planned to monitor behaviour

In addition cases of extreme behaviour it may be necessary for more serious action to be taken: –

1). Record kept of child’s behaviour
2). Parents contacted and asked to withdraw the child from school for the remainder of the day
3). Exclusion: Temporary, up to two weeks in any one term
4). Exclusion: Permanent

Exclusion will only be considered after all other possible avenues have been explored.
The trustees will be informed of the reason for the action taken.

Working Together

Good behaviour is achieved when people work together for the benefit of all.

That means: –

1). Being open, honest and fair with one another
2). Listening to each other
3). Working together to solve problems

We hope that by joint action and shared responsibility your child will have a happy successful time at the Al Ghazali Supplementary School.

Al-Ghazali Supplementary School

Pupil’s Code of Conduct

1). We should treat others as we our selves wish to be treated
2). When talking to each other we should listen to one another and show respect for each other as individuals
3). We will not call each other names that will upset them
4). We will not fight, kick, hit or hurt any one in any way
5). We will tell the truth at all times
6). We should treat the school with pride by keeping it neat and tidy so we can feel happy and safe there
7). We should respect other people and their property. Lost property should be handed in to the office
8). We should treat all adults & children, both in and out of school with respect. We should make visitors and new children especially welcome
9). We should always respond when spoken to and remember our manners at all times
10). We should always walk in school and not run
11). We should always come to school on time and bring a note to say why we are absent from school
12). We should always play in right places i.e. play ground
13). We do not bring toys or electrical / mobile phones etc to the school without permission
14). We should not were jewellery of any type in school at any time

The school does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to property