"Al-Ghazali Multicultural Centre is a community centre that responds to the needs of the diverse local community through the delivery of various projects and activities which promote inclusion and cohesion."

Educational Projects

Islam awareness project

Supporting schools in the teaching of Islam as part of the curriculum

Al-Ghazali Centre provides:

Fun, interactive and informative workshops for  pupils and staff.

This includes:


Resources materials (prayer mats, Islamic dresswear and Islamic art activities)

We can deliver to suit your needs, hourly sessions, mornings/afternoons or full day at competitive rates


EAL Support Project

Providing schools assistance with EAL learners

Al-Ghazali Centre provides support to learnes from bilingual backgrounds in order to promote integration and cohesion.

Assist in teaching one-to-one for EAL support.

Help liase with families



The Education project offers a range of services to schools and families:

Advocate for families

Assistance with school admissions/appeals.

Islamic Awareness courses for teachers and students.

Translation of documents and interpreting.

Assistance with overseas students.

Liaising with Schools.