"Al-Ghazali Multicultural Centre is a community centre that responds to the needs of the diverse local community through the delivery of various projects and activities which promote inclusion and cohesion."

Cultural Projects

The cultural project seeks to unite people from different cultural backgrounds and empower them in developing skills and confidence to engage and contribute actively in their community, whilst not compromising or conflicting but celebrating their identity.

Al-ghazali centre is committed to promoting the understanding of liverpool’s faith and cultural heritage, developing social inclusion and cohesion within and across communities.

We have a very strong programme in community cohesion and engagement with other communities and statutory bodies like the police and council.
We will help our communities engage with service providers and advocate on their behalf were required.
We will engage the community on the importance of public citizenship.
We will help service users to access services such as online form filling especially for welfare benefits and immigration.
We will also provide information services, advocacy, signposting and form filling, allotment club for elders, interfaith dialogue, community engagement events and meet your police commissioner meetings.
We will also provide a strong voice on regional and national committees on major issues important to our community such as prevent.
Finally we work with a partner organisation to host a Yemeni Cultural weekend during the final quarter of 2014 by providing support and guidance as well as one of the venues.